Yes Lisa is a solo music project by Angelisa Crognale. Formerly known as Lonesome Ranger and often referred to as Ranger by her closest friends, Angelisa started her musical experience as a singer-songwriter playing open mics and local music venues around Cleveland, Ohio. Always wanting to play with other musicians, she ventured off into other genres of music experimenting with political folk music and raucous rock-n-roll. Coming full circle, she has returned to the solo girl-and-guitar gig with a new identity as a songwriter and moniker – Yes Lisa. Reaching further still she has incorporated her rock-n-roll experience in the Cleveland music scene into her latest music which is translated through electric guitar. Her music is a great mix of classic singer-songwriter style and attitude driven rock-n-roll. Plus with her strong vocals and guitar skills, she is sure to reinforce your love of musical tone and song writing. She toured the midwest in the summer of 2016 promoting her debut album “Lonesome Ranger Songs” and opening for the beloved Reina Williams. This debut album is a ten song sample of her best acoustic work incorporating harmonica and mandolin. In 2017 Yes Lisa is working on recording a new album with Reina Williams as engineer. It will be an exciting new sound and a dynamic conclusion to her debut album “Lonesome Ranger Songs”. She is also currently performing in two local Cleveland bands called Early Girl and Womantra. Her appearances with these bands will be shared on the event page here at YesLisa.com. Thanks for reading!

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